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What We Do

We connect teachers to ESL positions in schools across China. Whether you are a qualified teacher, a new graduate, or simply looking for a new experience, we can help you to find your ideal position in a reputable school with competitive salary and benefits. Our service is completely free to teachers every step of the way.

Step 1: Matching You to Your School

After your interview, we’ll help to match you with one of our quality-assured schools. Take your pick from one of 100+ schools all across China.


Step 2: Visa Application

Nova ESL will assist you throughout your working visa application. We’ll give you detailed instructions about the documents you need to prepare, and work closely with your school to take care of everything else.

Step 3: Settling in

Once you arrive, our team will help you to adjust to your new life in China. We’ll pick you up from the airport, assist you with opening your Chinese bank account, getting your SIM card, and anything else you need to help you settle in.

Why Choose China?

From the spectacular skyline of Shanghai to the sapphire lakes of Tibet, China is the ultimate fusion of ultra-modern and ancient, of vibrant cities and untouched nature. Explore green bamboo forests and lush rice terraces, ride camels in the deserts of Inner Mongolia, drink from coconuts on white sand beaches, hike the Great Wall across mountain peaks; China offers every imaginable experience in one of the most diverse landscapes in the word.

As well as a variety of rich cultures and cuisines, China has a high demand for teachers. China is among the highest paying countries for ESL teachers and all of our positions offer competitive, stable salaries and benefits. Check out the types of schools we work with below, and apply today to start your next adventure.

Find a Teaching Job in China


If you love being around children, teaching in a kindergarten is one of the most rewarding and enjoyable ESL positions in China…

Public Schools

Long school holidays make public schools one of the most popular teaching positions in China. With around three month’s holiday…

Training Centres

With high salaries and huge bonuses, training centres are the most lucrative type of institution in China. Best suited to teachers who…

Private Schools

As global institutions with state-of-the-art facilities, private schools (also called international schools) favour qualified and experienced…

Nova ESL connects teachers to schools across China. Our mission is to promote understanding between East and West, and to help people experience all China has to offer. Founded by a former ESL teacher from the UK and a Visa Manager from Beijing, Nova ESL has cross-cultural partnership at its core.

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